THE NO BULLSHIT WAY TO FINDING THE REAL YOU! Guaranteed to work: WORK being the operative word.

If your life is narrated by a religion, but you are still tormented by your mind,

it is not working.

If your life is narrated by sexual escapades, but you’re still unsatisfied and lonely,

it is not working.

If your life is narrated by shopping but you still feel unfulfilled,

it is not working.

If your life is narrated by drinking every night (because deep down you long for a tribe) but you still feel lonely in a room full of people,

it is not working.

If your life is narrated by health issues that you can’t seem to control, but you keep thinking you can (but it’s been years….),

it is not working.

If your life is narrated by your emotions, and you don’t know how to handle them so you avoid showing them or you feel guilty and confused,

it is not working.

If your life is narrated by the voice in your head and all it says is negative shit,

it is not working.

If your life is narrated by work that makes you sick and doesn’t inspire you,

The more your life is narrated by anything other than a connection to your soul, God, your inner voice, Mother Earth, angels, Jesus, whatever, fill in the blank, the more you will never, ever find the peace you seek.

We are all yearning to feel unconditional love.

Imagine, just for a moment, you are surrounded by a group of people that are sober and eager to listen to the next thing you have to say. 
They deeply care about where you are in your heart and in your head.
They deeply care about how the hell you feel today. Why? 
Because when you feel unhappy, they feel unhappy too.
When you feel like the world is overwhelming you, they notice. 
When you feel like you want to scream, they hold up the punching bag. 
When you feel like you want to fall apart and cry, they hold your hand and cry with you. 
All this energy that is in us, must go somewhere.
Tears are streaming down my face as I write this,
 as I think about all the people I know, here, that are suffering
and I want to help them…and YOU!

Enough with the mantras, enough with the daily readings, enough with the lists and posters and bullshit signs that say, “in this house we…”. Fuck that. How do we actually get from how shitty I feel right now, to feeling like I actually want to be here. It starts here:


You need to put down the cell phone (after you’re done reading this of course) turn off the TV and go outside.

We are not separate from nature. We ARE nature.

Remove the walls, remove the floors, remove the shoes, remove the clothes if you can, and just lay on the earth. Dig your fingers into it. Smell it. Lay on your back, lay on your front. Put your ear to the ground and close your eyes. Listen to your heart beat in your own ears. Breathe deeply. If you feel compelled to say something, then say it, scream it, cry it, laugh it. If you stay there long enough, emotions will start to appear. This is grounding in the most natural way you can and it is what is causing us so much stress because we just don’t do it. It’s an incredible place to begin your journey back to yourself. The one you might remember from your childhood, that played on the earth, in the dirt, in the sand and the water. Jumped off rocks, laid on rocks, threw rocks into the water and built stuff with them. That magic that you once felt as a kid, when you let your imagination go, go there.


Ask yourself, “What Do I Desire”. Day dream. Dive into whatever glorious things your mind can imagine & don’t judge it. What do you do naturally all the time? When you’re out with people or meet new people, what do you talk about? What do you always do? I always end up touching people somehow, giving them a huge hug, a cuddle, a massage or a foot rub. I usually end up fixing something on their tablet or computer too. It makes me happy and I’m good at it!

This is just the beginning. When you can connect with that fuzzy feeling in your belly, deep down, then you are on the path to living the life you are here on earth for! A wise woman told me, “Follow the tug”. When you feel something ignite that energy in your body, don’t stop! Don’t Judge. JUST GO! Do it, do whatever it is, no matter what it is! Make it happen! The rest will follow.

With massive gratitude today, to be able to write this! MWWWA!


If you want to know more about the grounding & fasting experience that changed my life, leave me a comment :)

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