Your Weight loss Is Like A Tea Kettle

Stay with me now.

Think of your weight loss like a tea kettle, which sits on a stove top. This stove top represents your life, and for the sake of making things simple lets say you only have 2 burners rather than 4. When your life is easy and put together, your kettle sits on the front burner, making it important. However, when life events come up and make things complicated your kettle moves to the back burner.

Your weight is NOT the most important thing in your life.

I recently have had a lot going on in my life, and haven’t been loosing weight at all. I was feeling really down about this, because I expected to still loose weight even through hard circumstances, but that just isn’t being fair to myself. I realized that my weight should not consume so much of my life. I have other things to concentrate on than following my plan all the time.

Now this doesn’t mean I had a free for all or anything, but I definitely had my share of unhealthy meals and lazy days. What I realized is important is that 1) I still weighed myself once a week, even if I didn’t want to. Not to punish myself or feel bad, but just so I was aware of where I was at so I wouldn’t go overboard. 2) I was active, riding my bike to and from work 2–3 times a week, trying yoga, going to fun classes, because I wanted to not because I had to. 3) Eating mindfully, recognizing when I was hungry, when I was full, and not forcing myself to eat to the point where I felt stuffed. While I did not loose weight, I have been maintaining weight with a 2–3 lb flux. I am happy with this considering all that has been happening to me.

Life is going to happen, it won’t stop just because you have decided to loose weight. Parties, heartbreak, dinners out, dates, losses, coffee with friends, drinks on Friday nights, will all still be there during this journey. It is okay to slip up, it is okay to gain weight back, every moment is apart of the process. Do not put your life on hold because of it. It is okay to enjoy and just resume again, do not restart because that means you have failed and trust me you haven’t.

Remember you are important, but your weight does not mean everything. Your kettle will move constantly, front to back, side to side and that is okay. You will still reach your goals, I promise.