Why #WriteToChange?

Write To Change
Jul 3, 2017 · 2 min read

The Write to Change community is founded based on ‘writing something worth reading or doing something worth writing about.’

Our current generation is moving on from reading the daily newspaper to checking social media accounts multiple times a day. Most of the world may blame them for their ignorance and lack of concern for our real world problems. However, the problem does not lie with the newspapers or the current generation. The problem stems from the content that is being published.

Reading is not boring. It is ‘what’ we read that is boring.

Our community wants to change the perspective that reading is mundane. So, we started by talking about our perceptions, thoughts, and opinions. As a team with heads full of creative ideas, we figured that others would also want to share theirs as well.

That is how Upwrite took upon the initiative to form the Write to Change community. It is an idea sharing platform where anyone and everyone can post their experiences, opinions, and questions, so that we can share it with the digital world.

Essentially, writing leads to more reading and reading leads to more learning. When there is a platform for the public to publish work about their passion, it leads to the society coming together to inspire change and spread new ideas. We want to provide a place where everyone can write to express their passion to change and inspire the world.

So, we come to the end but the truth is that there is no end. To make a change is to keep making changes. To change the world is a never ending process. As long as we continue changing and moving forward, the world will always have inspiration.

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