Because It Was the First Time ☺

From our first step to the diffcult decision we take in our life, first steps really matter. Doesn’t it? Our first walk when we were small,the first word that we spoke, the first toy we owned- everything was special. Among all this small things which make us smile, there is one more thing we all cherish- Our first love. There are those shy types who just swipe this off saying “Bha! Nothing like that! Love is for fools” . Maybe it is foolish. Why won’t be? It is the bond which even keeps the early sleeper busy all night happily. To those with wandering thoughts on to read this further on or just find a better series, I am here to not recite you my love story or some random crush I saw. I am really bored of talking about butterflies in the stomach and the late night boredom talks we have had. Wait ,wait! Don’t vanish the ‘love’ part though. This series is a journey of a little girl who had a passion ,a life and happiness…and suddenly..poof…all vanished all of a sudden. According to the rules of Indian drama, the story is supposed to be dramatic and go on in a saddening note. But it won’t. Instead there is a mystery she has to unleash and go through the hard path with her soft nature.

It is not that we get the great achievements always through the harder path. There is some easy way to go through it. But we just have to work hard to figure out the easy path. Irony, isn’t it?

Spread Joy.

Will be back soon with the first chapter.

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