A perfect life comes from the family 'Hero' 😊

Have you often hear people say “My life is perfect!” ? . Not a lot,right? 'Cause no one is ever satisfied. But Priya was. When you have everything you need, why can’t your life fit in the perfect line? She had it. Childhood was just hugging your favourite Barbie dolls to sleep each day and combing the blonde hair. The time where our clothes were picked up by our moms and when we never visited that mirror often. Priya had enough pencils and sketches to show off to all those little girls. Ofcourse,why won’t she be happy with such a dad? Mothers sure play a major role; but for daughters, the love from the father has a special meaning. The happiness from the hug of a dad-daughter is mutual. Mr.Shravan worked as a professor for an institute. He struggled a lot to get into a job like that. Long back in India in the 19th century, agriculture was booming. People dint study the course, but it had good market value to survive a family of seven. Yea, you heard it right! SEVEN. Giving birth to more than two children was normal. Mr.Shravan was the fourth kid among the five other ones. During those times, child labour was evident. That’s where the huge number ‘seven’ came into use. Each kid had a work. Shravan had to go the farm in the early morning and sell the tender coconuts before school. After dinner, there was even more chores at the farm. Despite all these struggles, the reason he gave Priya everything was because he got nothing.

And that is what they do…

Fathers spend their energy and time for you to see that million dollar smile on your face giving each and everything they can even if they are left with nothing.

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