How to ace the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam in 7 days

If you’re also interested to take the CKA exam in the future or just thinking about it then let me share some preparation tips with you which helped me to score ‘91%’ in my first attempt.

Prerequisites -

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Day 1: Start loving Official k8s docs (

Day 2: Extensive hands on with Kubectl commands and understand Kubernetes objects

kk run nginxpod --image=nginx --restart=Never
kk run nginxdeploy --image=nginx
Modify kind to ‘DaemonSet’
Modify apiVersion to 'apps/v1'
Remove replica and strategy fields.
Finally run the create command
kk create -f myds.yaml --validate=false
kk run nginxdeploy --image=nginx -o yaml > nginxpod.yaml
cat <<EOF | kubectl create -f ----

Day 3: Clear your Concepts and Get your hands dirty with KTHW

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systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable <service_name>
systemctl start <service_name>
systemctl status <service_name> <-- quite handy to look up for location of the systemd service file

Day 4: Explain command is your friend when you’re in trouble

kubectl explain pod.spec | grep -i livenessProbeDid you find it out , No ? then try to do a bit more diggingkubectl explain pod.spec.containers | grep -i livenessProbe
livenessProbe <Object>
Bingo!!So now you know where the field exists which you were looking for

Day 5: Practise, Practise and Practise

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Day 6: Check your speed and timekeeping

Day 7: D-day, Exam day

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