Best Kept Secret Revealed:

Low Income Families Can Save Money on Internet Services

Why should someone get access to Internet for less than other people you might ask?

I agree this is a fair question. It would be nice if the Internet providers weren’t allowed to monopolize an area and charge outrageous fees for providing Internet access.

But the truth is they can and do.

And for some people it’s a inconvenience and for others it’s an insurmountable obstacle.

Internet access from home has been proven to be one of the key factors contributing to keeping poor families poor. With all the schools that have gone to computerized homework assignments, I honestly can’t believe that this information isn’t more readily available.

I don’t receive any kind of commission or credits from any of these Internet companies for providing these links. I just feel this is information that should be out there for people who may qualify for it.

We all know Internet fees are high. I know I pay WAY too much for Internet access.

Someday I hope there’ll be lower pricing for everyone. For now, I’m grateful that these programs are out there for people who qualify.

A number of studies have been done around the lack of internet access at home and how it can negatively impact educational attainment and in fact, access to reliable internet which was once considered a luxury, is now seen as one of the key factors to sustainable development.

So, here’s some information on programs that are available for low income and in some cases middle income families, veterans and seniors, to help them get reliable and affordable internet access in their home.

Please share this with anyone you know so that we can get the word out there for people who may qualify for these programs.

  1. Spectrum Internet Assist Program for low income families and seniors. If at least one person in your home is participating in at least one of the three programs below you could be eligible for low cost internet service in your home:

(a.) (NSLP) The National School Lunch Program for reduced cost or free lunch

(b.) (CEP) The Community Eligibility Provision of the NSLP

(c.) Household members 65 years of age or older who receive SSI benefits.

Spectrum also offers an optional wifi service for an additional cost

2. Access from AT&T wired home internet service for low income households. You may be eligible if you

(a.) Have at least one person in your home who is participating in the SNAP/food stamp program and your address is in an area where AT&T currently provides service.

(b.) You must be without debt for this program or other AT&T service within the previous six months.

(c.)California residents with at least one person receiving SSI benefits could also qualify. See the website link for more details and to apply.

3. Internet Essentials program from Comcast is yet another low income internet package. You may qualify for this program if you:

(a.) Are a low-income verified veteran

(b.) Are a senior that is considered low-income

(c.) Have a child eligible for the National School Lunch Program

(d.) Receive HUD housing assistance

(e.) Are a student at a community college in Illinois or Colorado

I hope you found this information helpful. Even if it doesn’t apply for you, I hope you’ll take a moment to share the information with others so we can spread the word to those who need it.

Let’s get as many people as possible access to reliable and affordable internet so we can eliminate at least part of the barrier to education attainment for our most vulnerable populations.