Calling All Writers: Get Paid More in 2018

Photo by Ta-Ching Chen on Unsplash

I’m building a bridge to help writers go from where they are now to the successful writing career they desire. My plan is to include markets for both fiction and nonfiction writers as much as possible. With a goal of helping you to get paid more as a writer, I’ve listed 5 different paying markets below plus a bonus resource you can use to find additional paying markets or writing gigs in 2018.

  1. If you’re a technology writer and can write about the Linus world, contact LWN to discuss subjects and timelines for your contributions. They pay for well written leadin articles for their Weekly Edition pages, for more complex Kernel page articles, and will consider proposals for more in-depth articles or a series. See their website for more details.

2. Lady Qs accepts original unpublished nonfiction including: essays and long form articles, opinion, biographical accounts, how to and product reviews, and themed photography. They consider fiction that explores relevant question to women up to 10,000 words. See website for themes and more information about submitting.

3. The Big Roundtable accepts narrative nonfiction 3,500 to 20,000 words. Submissions must have beginning, middle, end, though not necessarily in order. Stories should be grounded in reporting. Does not accept previously published work. See their website for details.

4. If you’re a writer and you love fishing, this job posting on Craigslist near the end of December may be just the right combination for you. Client is seeking 2–4 articles in the 800–1000 word range with accompanying images. This is an ongoing monthly writing project. WordPress ability required. See ad for more details.

5. According to the job ad that was posted, Content Pros is seeking writers in the digital marketing, real estate, big data analytics, E-commerce, Finance, and IT/Software Engineering niches are needed. If you can write with industry knowledge on any of these topics, pay is $0.12 per word. Must complete Google form in attached link to be considered.

Bonus Resource:

Online Writing Jobs has been around for more than a decade. This one’s a bit different. You can actually apply to be a regular writer with Online Writing Jobs. It’s not for everyone. But if you’re looking for a little more structure and less of an entrepreneurial track to freelance writing, do your research on this one. Their guidelines indicate they are currently seeking Copywriters, Bloggers/Influencers, Subject-Matter-Experts, and SEO Content Writers. Payment is weekly by check or Paypal.

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Go get paid more to write in 2018!