Calling All Writers: Join Me On the Bridge to Success- And 5 More Paid Writing Markets

If you haven’t been with me since December, you can catch up by reading the post below or simply jump in with this week.

Here’s the gist of the Calling All Writers series:

I’m building a bridge to help writers go from where they are now to the successful writing career they desire. Every weekend I’ll give you 5 more writing markets I’ve curated that pay writers. My plan is to include markets for both fiction and nonfiction writers as much as possible and to vary the niches. I will also include a bonus resource at the end of each post that most people will find useful no matter what niche or genre they’re in.

This week’s bonus resource is an awesome FREE mini-course on how to pitch by long-time journalist and writing coach, Rebecca Weber, so don’t miss it! I found Rebecca’s Freelance Writer Breakthrough mini-course to be amazing and very much in line with my Calling All Writer Series. She gives you concrete examples of strategies to meet your freelance writing goals such as how to craft a great pitch, break into top companies, and communicate effectively with editors.

If you’re going to have a successful freelance writing career, you’ve got to learn how to pitch article or story ideas (swing hard at that pinata). This week’s bonus will help you do that.

So, without further adieu, I’ve listed 5 different paying markets below plus the bonus resource you can use to find additional paying markets or writing gigs and get paid more in 2018.

  1. Greater Philadelphia Dance Enthusiasts-Write for The Dance Journal

2. Technology Tutorials-Ghostwrite for TutorialsPoint

3. Travel and Expat Stories-Write for International Living

4. Gaming & Virtual Reality-Write for Hypergrid Business or Hyperica

5. Travel Writers-Write for Transitions Abroad

Bonus Resource!

Freelance Writer Breakthrough, a new mini course by established journalist and writing coach, Rebecca L. Weber. This is no fluff course. Rebecca gives concrete examples of strategies she used to break into journalism and freelance writing with top companies such as CNN, Forbes as well as smaller publications.

If you found this post helpful, check out some of the previous posts in this series for more resources to help you get paid more in 2018.

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