Discover 27 of the best AI Writing Tools (2023)

Andy Ward
11 min readJul 14, 2022


AI Writers are taking the world by storm.
Robot writers are here!

The idea of computer generated text content is anathema to most writers, and understandably so.

But what if you could rely on AI to do the boring writing tasks you don’t want to do, like writing a technical blog post, creating compelling descriptions for your Shopify store or even writing your Google Adwords adverts?

Now you can do all of this.

There are a whole slew of capable AI writing tools that can lighten your workload and even help with writer’s block. You might be surprised how good some of them are. Let’s get started.

1. Jasper

Jasper AI Writer

Jasper is the darling of AI writers with a huge amount of loyal users around the world.

It has many different functions and the ‘Boss Mode’ function can produce incredibly professional writing when given just a little bit of input. It is highly impressive.

Jasper has built up thousands of 5 star reviews, and is well worth a look. It is apparently used by the content marketing departments at Google, IBM and Airbnb.

There is even Jasper accreditation, for pro users to show off their knowledge to prospective clients and a busy and helpful Facebook group to support creativity.

Plans start at $29.

Visit Jasper.

2. Rytr

Rytr AI Writing Assistant

Rytr is a cheaper alternative to Jasper but don’t let the cheaper price put you off, it has excellent functionality, with output in over 30 different foreign languages.

Rytr has also built up many 5-star reviews and has been recognised by G2 as one of the leading brands in the AI writing space.

The lowest cost plan starts at just $9 but does have limitations on the amount of text you can generate.

Visit Rytr

3. Copymatic

Copymatic AI Tool

Copymatic is another excellent tool that can generate very high quality copy at the press of a button.

They have a substantial free trial that you can access without a credit card and also have a landing page generator which can create entire landing pages in html with very little input.

If you make a lot of landing pages, you might want to take a look at this software.

Plans start at $29.

Visit Copymatic.

4. Quillbot

Quillbot rewording tool

Quillbot is the best rewriting tool that is available online. I have been using it for months and have found that it is utterly indispensable.

There are different voices available so you can rewrite text with more of a creative effect, or you can go for a more formal voice when you want to get serious.

All the rewritten text this tool generates is on point, the first time I used it I was shocked at its output.

The premium plan is $19.95 and worth every cent.

Visit Quillbot.

5. Adzis

Adzis AI for Product Description Generation

Adzis is a specialised AI product designed to create descriptions for ecommerce websites like Shopify etc.

It has apparently been in development for over four years and is not, they say, just a basic text generator, it actually creates compelling descriptions for your ecommerce products, specifically.

Adzis is also available as a service done for you.

The cheapest plan starts at just $9 per month which is enough credit to write 20 product descriptions.

Visit Adzis.

6. Texta

Texta AI Writer

Texta can automate the process of creating blog articles, from idea development to research, writing, and formatting.

Texta uses a simple approach to write high-quality blog content that can increase traffic and sales.

The cheapest plan is just $10 per month.

Visit Texta.

7. Simplified

Simplified AI and Social Media Tool

Simplified have an excellent AI content writing tool as part of a wider offering which includes a video and graphics maker as well as social media publishing tools and analytics.

I have tried the writer and it is more than capable at creating readable text, so if you are looking for an all in one package that can help you in every aspects of creativity online then this may be the tool for you.

There is a functional free trial and the lowest cost monthly plan starts at $30.

Visit Simplified

8. Writesonic

Writesonic AI Writing Tool

Writesonic is another high quality AI tool with various content creation settings, it can create long form content for blog posts, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and many other content types.

Wriesonic employs different quality settings for the pricing your word allowance.

It offers an extensive free trial which allows you to properly try out all its features.

Writesonic allows you to write 2,500 words for free in premium quality.

The cheapest monthly plan begins at $15, with a 12,000 word allowance with the premium plan giving you 15,000 for a mere $19.

Visit Writesonic.

9. Copysmith

Copysmith AI marketing tool

Copysmith is an AI text generation tool dedicated towards creating high quality blog posts and product descriptions.

It also integrates easily into many other pieces of software like Woocommerce and Microsoft Word.

The starter plan which gives you up to 33,000 words is just $19, with the professional plan at $59 giving you up to 260,000 word per month.

Visit Copysmith.


AI SEO copywriter

AISEO claims that you will be able to get copywriting done ten times faster than normal! As well as their AI writer AISEO also have a paraphrasing tool, and readability improver.

AISEO can quickly generate highly readable long form blog content.

There is a free trial which gives you over 12,000 words and their cheapest monthly plan (50,000 words) starts at just $19 per month.

They also offer ‘lifetime’ deals to give you permanent ongoing access to their tools.

Visit AISEO.

11. Inkforall

Inkforall AI Writer and Optimizer

Inkforall comprises several online tools, an AI writer, SEO Optimiser, Copy Assistant and Content Planner.

You can sample their long form AI writer on a free trial which gives you up to 5,000 words.

The ‘Ink Suite’ claims to have the same functions available as Jasper, Surfer SEO, Grammarly and Keyword Cupid for a competitive $60 per month.

Visit Inkforall.

12. AI Writer

AI Writer Artificial Intelligence Blog Creation

Ai-Writer claims to be the most accurate content generation platform available, and can generate full length blog posts for you in just a couple of minutes.

The software also includes a rewording tool, and also has the ability to publish material directly to Wordpress.

The basic plan (which can create up to 40 articles) includes an AI text generator, SEO editor and topic discovery function for just $29 per month.

Visit AI Writer.

13. Contentbot

Contentbot Advanced AI Writer

Claiming to be the world’s most advanced AI Writer, Contentbot is aimed at Founders, Content Marketers, Digital Marketers, copywriters, SEO Specialists and Bloggers.

So these guys don’t have a trial, but they do instead offer a ‘Pay as you go’ arrangement with a rate of $1 per 1000 words.

So $10 for ten 1000 word articles is pretty reasonable if you are looking to give your blog a creativity boost.

Their monthly starter plan is $29 (for 40,000 words) with the Pro offering at $99 for 300,000 words per month.

Visit Contentbot.

14. Scalenut

Scalenut is an AI writing tool with an emphasis on SEO. It includes an ‘SEO Hub’ for writing content which uses AI powered suggestions and instructions to make it easy to create killer content that ranks.

Long form content with properly optimized elements can be created in just minutes. Scalenut has seen extensive international adoption and rates very highly on the G2 website.

Their cheapest monthly plan is $29, which includes up to 100,000 AI generated words per month.

Visit Scalenut.

15. Hypotenuse

Hypotenuse AI Writing Tool

Hypotenuse is an AI powered writing tool that can help you to create product descriptions, blog articles and marketing copy.

Aimed at Digital Marketers, Copywriters and Entrepreneurs, Hypotenuse can create long form website content in seconds after being given just a few seed keywords.

Their starter plan, which includes up to 19,000 words costs $29 per month.

Visit Hypotenuse.

16. Writecream

Writecream AI Writer and Voiceover Generator

Writecream uses AI to help you write emails, ad copy, long articles and more.

It claims to be adept at composing personalized cold outreach emails, ideal for link building campaigns, LinkedIn requests and sales.

It also has the functionality to create Youtube voice overs in 75 different languages!

Writecream has some solid clients throughout the corporate world, and without doubt is an incredible time saving tool for creating content of many types.

There is a completely free plan which includes 2 long form articles and 4 Youtube voiceovers and 4 podcasts!

The basic plan (with unlimited word generation and voiceovers) is just $29 per month.

Visit Writecream.

17. Kafkai

Kafkai Article Generator powered by AI

Kafkai was born well before GPT-3 technology arrived on the scene and has been honed by a team of dedicated SEO marketers to be the best AI article generation tool available.

Kafkai is learning more niches all the time, but at time of writing was able to produce high quality content in 38 different areas, including dating, car insurance, dental care, gambling, sports, travel and many others.

The basic plan costs £27 ($32) and includes 100 long form articles.

Visit Kafkai.

18. Copy AI

Copy AI writing tool is a professional AI text generation tool that is aimed at bloggers, social media managers and email marketers. They claim to have over one million users. is used by teams at Microsoft, Ebay, Ogilvy and Nescafe.

It has an easy to use interface and can create compelling copy after being given a title and and any points that you want covered.

There is a free trial which gives 30 free credits, though it is unclear what this translates to in a word count. Nevertheless, the free option has many different text creation options and is very easy to use.

Their cheapest plan is $49 per month.


19. Copyshark

CopyShark AI writing assistant is machine learning powered software that generates ad copy, product descriptions, sales copy, blog paragraphs and video scripts.

Copy Shark has been tested and proven in over 100+ industries with proven results of generating high-quality content which also performs very well in search results.

With CopyShark you can create highly engaging text or voice that inspire users and provide the right message to help them take action.

Their basic plan is $39 per month.

Visit Copyshark.

20. Frase

Frase AI SEO Tool

Frase was made for marketers and researchers who need to get content online.

It lets you write, edit, optimize, publish and track content performance — all in one easy to use interface.

First page Google rankings can apparently be achieved with ease by using Frase.

Their basic plan costs $44.99 per month which gets you 30 article generations or optimizations per month.

Visit Frase.

21. GrowthbarSEO

Growthbar SEO AI powered tool

With Growth Bar SEO, you can easily generate content outlines and analyze their performance.

After just one click, you can generate content outlines that are optimally optimized and ready to use.

All charts and data come together in one place, so you can see what is working and what isn’t at a glance. They claim you can create ‘content that ranks’ in ten minutes!

The basic plan is $48 per month which includes 25 AI content outlines.

Visit GrowthbarSEO.

22. WordHero

Word Hero AI Text Generator

WordHero is AI powered software that lets you create beautiful, original content in a snap!

Just upload your info and their AI will generate original content based on your data.

The resulting text is ready to upload or share on any platform - all you need to do is pick the best ones.

Plans start at $49 per month, with no content limits.

Visit WordHero.

23. Word AI

Word AI for mass article generation

WordAI is an industry-leading content spinning and paraphrasing tool that uses advanced machine learning models to provide high quality rewriting that is indistinguishable from human content.

This is one of the original artificial intelligence offerings and pre-dates GPT-3.

WordAi’s proprietary algorithms are not limited by the grammar of any language, allowing it to generate highly readable and well formatted human readable content with perfect grammar in English.

Their basic plan costs $57 per month.

Visit WordAI.

24. Writerly

Writerly AI writer

Writerly calls itself an ‘Enterprise Grade’ AI writing assistant that can be used for emails, blogs, sales, advertising and ecommerce.

It can create SEO optimized content in 25 different languages and is also available through a chrome extension.

They say that they will plant a tree for over 20,000 word you write!

The starter plan is $79 per month and that includes 60,000 words and up to ten team members can use the software together.

Visit Writerly.

25. Outranking

Outranking AI SEO tool

Outranking is an AI powered SEO Strategy tool which helps you generate outstanding content that ranks in Google.

It plugs into your Google Search Console and allows the tracking and optimization of your content.

Outranking also helps you to create your SEO content strategy through its easy to user interface.

It has many corporate users including NBC News, ManyPets and Zoho.

The cheapest Outranking plan is $129 per month.

Visit Outranking.

26. Drafter

Drafter AI text tool is an AI text generation tool that can improve the performance of copywriters by a factor of ten.

It has many strings to its bow, being able to generate professional text for LinkedIn Posts, Facebook Posts, Corporate Tweets, Google Adwords, landing pages, emails and more.

Drafter is guided by you and so doing claims to make more personalised and relevant content than other AI systems.

Their ‘Freelancer’ plan is the cheapest at $199 per month.

Visit Drafter.

27. Grammarly

Grammarly is a writing assistant that helps people to improve their writing by making AI powered suggestions to the text that you write as you go along.

It is used by many writers to ensure that their grammar is correct on the fly.

The premium plan offers more functionality including tone of voice, but the free plan is completely usable and definitely worth checking out if you write a lot.

Premium plans start at $25 per month.

Visit Grammarly.

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