The Worst Thing Ever Could Be Happening to Snapchat’s Stock Right Now
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I’ve been buying as much Bitcoin, Litecoin and others as possible. I am not a fan of the US dollar. The “Federal Reserve Bank” which isn’t Federal at all dictates our economy and currency. Just as Lord Rothschild said, “If I control a nation’s economy, I care not who rules their country or makes its laws”. The last brave hero on America, was John F. Kennedy. He took the Fed head on, signing Executive Order 11110. Thus abolishing the Federal Reserve Bank and the IRS. The House even ratified the order. But just 13 days later JFK went to Dallas, TAX and met his date. Oswald was not the organizer. I have seen documents when I worked in the Intelligence Community at Langley, Va. Lyndon B Johnson was instrumental in what happened to JFK. After assuming the Presidential position, he withdrew and made void Executive Order 11110. Which ironically, two weeks later he quadrupled his brokerage accounts overnight.