90 days of something, anything…

What can we learn from doing the same thing for 90 days? It’s an artistic practice that encourages you to produce a new work (something, anything) each day for 90 days. It doesn’t have to be good. But it has to be made.

The goal is to put you in the habit of making things. Could it be good for you? What would you do?

For me, it could be cooking a new dish every day for 90 days. When I worked in a kitchen as a chef my schedule was Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Because of the big gap between working times (most chefs only take off two days a week rather than work two days a week) I was often re-learning things that I had forgotten during the 5 days off.

I think it held me back. My boss in the kitchen thought so, too. I know because he told me.

What can we gain from doing something every day? It gets in our bones, in our muscle memory. The power of the intention really becomes manifest. We work on quarterly goals in business ( 90 day periods ) but we don’t work on them each day. Not with that intensity. What if we did? We would do some amazing things.

As we start looking at our lives outside of work (after the end of work) we will see many challenges and opportunities.

The self-imposed — and ideally, community supported — drive to learn or master something in 90 days can be a great tool. I heard about this method from two artist friends of mine. They are in a 90 day period right now and they are loving it. Its an intense way to live. They are being carried forward by a wave of energy. Its fascinating that you can create this energy yourself.

They are also public about it. People are following them online and in their community. Those people are giving feedback each day on the work that the artists are making.

Another thing that we were discussing was the ability to connect directly with an audience as an artist. It used to be that art was mediated by curators and gallery owners. They would promote art based on a theme. They would sponsor and host exhibitions in a physical place working with fixed timeframes (ex. X gallery would show an artist once a year…not more). Now the artist can directly contact and interact with her audience daily, for free, on Instagram. its a revolution. a really big deal.

The interaction with others gives the 90 day sprint some much needed oxygen. It would be hard to push through without feedback inspiring new directions and variations.

Thinking of trying it? Why not? Do something, anything for 90 days and see how it goes.

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