Everyone complains about their job

Everyone complains about their job. But they would, on balance, prefer to have their job than not to have a job at all.

We need money to live. That’s the first answer most of us would give when asked why we go to work each day. Imagine if money was no longer a need. Would you still go to work? If so, what is your work giving you besides money?

Here are a few of the benefits we get from work: Purpose, Meaning, Sense of Connection / Belonging, Challenge, Identity, Status.

The next question, in this age of increasing automation, is how can you get those things that work gives you from other places.

In this book we’ll talk about each of these benefits we get from work and how we can get them in a more fulfilling way outside of the context of work. We’ll also talk about how we can re-organize work to meet these needs in a better way.

Not having work that provides these benefits can be profoundly disorienting. That’s what has happened in the last few decades as work has provided fewer of these benefits and at a lower quality. People feel lost. When they do they look for answers. In this book I’d like to shape the search for these answers in two contexts: non-work and work.

In the coming decades we will transition from work to non-work. It will be a change that can be painful or it can lead to growth. My hope is that it leads to growth, to a healthier new phase for human beings and how we organize ourselves.

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