of course we consider our selves a descendants of ancient Macedonians.As
Valentin Andonov

I appreciate you taking the time to clear that up, Valentin. I certainly don’t dispute the fact that Alexander the Greek was Macedonian — and, as I understand it, neither do any of these commenters. Instead, the debate seems to arise from the question of whether or not modern Macedonia and Macedonian people are related to the Macedonian city-state of ancient Greece, which Alexander ruled.

I’ve had some commenters tell me that modern Macedonia is in a different location than the ancient kingdom — but when I look at a map of the ancient Kingdom of Macedonia, it appears to be in an essentially similar location to the modern country (though a bit further south). Commenters have also told me that modern Macedonians are not genetically Hellenic, but are Thracian (Thrakian) — and I honestly don’t know enough about genetics to comment on that, one way or the other.

So you can see my dilemma: Greek commenters are telling me to stop saying that Macedon was ever separate from Greece, or had its own distinct culture; while Macedonian commenters are telling me that of course Macedon has always had its own separate culture, to which Alexander belongs! Each side has its own (perhaps valid) arguments, but I’m trying to avoid taking sides here. I’ve tried to walk the line as best I can in the article, without making any factually inaccurate statements.

If a neutral expert could help clear this up, I would greatly appreciate it, and would edit the article accordingly, to make sure it’s accurate.’

In any case, thank you for reading, Valentin, and for taking the time to share your insight!

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