You actually make it sound magical and fun.
Stella Njogo

I think everyone craves an escape from their daily way of life. For people from clockwork countries, like me, that means a place with a little more danger — but for people who are tired of the noise and the stress of a “fun” country, a clockwork country is just the right medicine.

People in “fun” countries have real problems, of course—probably realer ones than mine. I hope this article doesn’t sound like I think of those countries as some kind of amusement park. I don’t.

In fact, I go to those countries for exactly the opposite reason—traveling wakes me up from the daze in which too many of us clockworkers live; this fantasy that the whole world exists for our pleasure and entertainment. When I go to a country that wakes me up, and I make friends there, and I begin to get a taste of what daily life is like for locals, the reality of the place hits me in the gut. And I like that feeling.