Pardon me, but your American is showing (again)

Some people say the whole earth has been explored and mapped already. They can bugger off. Every one of us who leaves home is an explorer sailing for uncharted lands. England is a great place for Americans like us to prove to ourselves (and to others, but mostly to ourselves) that we’re more than capable of thriving on foreign soil. Let me add one thing, though: You’re right to be proud of how much you’ve grown in the UK — all the fears you’ve faced, all the new skills you’ve learned — but also realize that growth and learning scale in direct proportion to the strangeness of each new place you go. Consider going someplace stranger. Someplace where they don’t speak English at all. Where Euro-American laws and social conventions don’t apply. You might not know it yet, but you’re still in the prologue of your adventure. Just wait until you step out of an airport somewhere new, look around, and think, “Ah, so this must be the beginning of Chapter 1…” Now that, I want to read about.