This makes me want to know MORE, dig deeper.
Ayesha Talib Wissanji

Your excitement means a lot to me — maybe more than you know. This has been one of my core passions for most of my life, and it’s been hard to get other people on board with it —probably because the mere mention of the word “history” tends to make a lot of people flinch.

But for me it’s all one and the same — lives and stories from the slums of Mombasa or the riverside in Eridu; they all belong to people. Those people are real, and have real feelings and dreams, and I want to understand them all, no matter where — or when — they’re from. Although I will admit, the ones who are really distant in time are especially fascinating to me.

If you feel like digging deeper, Ancient History Encyclopedia is a great place to start — with articles like this one on Enheduanna, for example. You’ll start to see how people and places and events link to each other… and that’s when you really fall down the rabbit hole! :)