#365DaysOfWriting – Day 106

Farewells can be hard

Especially when the person leaving is someone you look up to. One of my colleagues (and a good friend, I’d like to hope) had his farewell today.

Professionally and personally, he’s a gem of a guy.

Which is why I’m jealous of the organisation he’s going to – they’re getting a wonderful team player who goes out of his way to help others. Alas, I’ve only worked with him briefly, in two different stints at two different companies.

I wish I could tell him to stay.

But that would be selfish. He’s getting into a line of work he’s excited about. And as a friend, I can do nothing but wish him luck and hope he has a blast in his new role.

So all the best, buddy. I hope our paths cross again!

PS: I have not taken the person’s name for professional reasons.
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