#365DaysOfWriting – Day 113

दिल आज शायर है, ग़म आज नग़मा है…

Dil aaj shayar hai, gham aaj nagma hai…

I’m listening to this underrated Kishoreda classic after a really long time. One of the main reasons this is close to my heart is that the lyricist shares his name with my brother – Neeraj.

It’s from the movie Gambler, starring Dev Anand and Zaheeda Hussain, with music by the great SD Burman.

Ignore the funny moustache. If you can.

Why do I call it underrated, you ask?

If you take out any Kishore Kumar Top 10 list, you’ll probably not find this song there. People don’t talk of it as lovingly as some of the usual suspects, like, say a रूप तेरा मस्ताना (Roop Tera Mastana) or ज़िंदगी एक सफ़र हैं सुहाना (Zindagi Ek Safar Hain Suhana). Neither is this a favourite at Antakshari or karaoke. But I feel this is probably the best song to sing, no matter what you’re playing!

Without sounding too boastful, I can claim that I sing this song rather well. I just need to practice it once or twice.

You’ll definitely find it in my Top 5 Kishore Kumar songs list.

It’s a list that keeps changing, but this is more or less my Top 5.

  • कुछ तो लोग कहेंगे (अमर प्रेम)
  • ये क्या हुआ (अमर प्रेम)
  • दिल आज शायर हैं (गैम्ब्लर)
  • मेरे महबूब क़यामत होगी (Mr. X in Bombay)
  • ना पूछो कोई हमें (अमानुश)

What about you? What are your favourite Kishore Kumar songs? I’d love to know!

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