#365DaysOfWriting – Day 115

The act of letting go – powerful or weak?

Aha! Gotcha! Put you in a spot, didn’t I? How will you decide whether letting go (of a thing, a person, a situation) is a sign of power or weakness?

Should we be boringly diplomatic and put it all down to perspective? (That is the right answer sadly.)

Letting go of things/situations

Sometimes, what it really boils down to is how far you’re willing to go to get something that’s close to your heart. And yes, it’s a matter of perspective – there are many things I find silly and don’t believe in wasting time on, but those same things can be a matter of life and death for someone else. It’s the same with situations – you may be faced with a really tough situation you want to walk away from, and let it go. Someone else would happily take it on and bear the consequences, no matter what. What about seemingly unattainable dreams – do we be practical about it, drop it and move on, or do we try till the bitter end to make the impossible happen?

Letting go of people/animals

Now THIS one’s a real toughie.

I put animals here as well because they have smaller lifespans than us, and sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances we have to put them up for adoption and it’s really hard to let go.

What about people?

I’ve changed 5 schools across 2 countries, and so it’s been hard for me to hold on to a ‘steady’ friendship – I’ve always had to let friends go (that happened only when I got into college). But I’ve been able to adjust to new schools like a fish to water. So in a way, I’ll say that letting go has been slightly ‘easier’ for me (for lack of a better word). Thanks to Facebook though, I’ve been in touch with more people from my past than what I thought was possible.

But what about leaving behind friends who’ve been there for a lifetime? Can you be practical/pragmatic there? Is it possible to break off bonds that took years to forge like chainmail? These are the questions I leave you with…

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