#365DaysOfWriting — Day 155


All the atheists and rationalists might renounce me, but I have to say there is a great solace in prayer. I guess it really does work on faith.

Sadly, many conmen misuse prayer as a means to instil fear into people. They almost position it as a bribe — IF YOU DON’T PRAY YOU WILL BE STRUCK DOWN BY THE ALMIGHTY, YOU HAVE TO PRAY 1,256 TIMES A DAY TO BE BLESSED WITH GOOD LUCK, etc.

I have just one thing to say — don’t listen to anyone. Get a direct connection to God. He will listen to you. He may not grant EVERYTHING you want, but He’s listening. You don’t even have to fold your hands. Just close your eyes and wish for something to happen with all your heart. I know I sound like a Bollywood film right now, but believe me — it works.

That’s all for today!

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