#365DaysOfWriting – Day 167

Mumbai Film & Comic Con – Day 1

It’s been a rather satisfying day. It started off like this.

The queue!

At the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Goregaon, I met a lot of my friends from the Action Figure Fanatics India group. One of them being Mithun. I also met Shayne, Ankush, Varun, Devesh, Sanket, Nikhil, and even Karthik (who cosplayed as Old Man Logan). And we bought action figures. Obviously. Because, why not?

Two Super Fans with their Super Purchases!

Then came the icing on the cake.

I met Cameron Stewart! The artist behind iconic titles like Batman & Robin: Blackest Night (writer: Grant Morrison), Fight Club 2 (writer: Chuck Palahnuik), and Sin Titulo (his own creation) among others.

Cameron and I. There was no fighting thankfully!

Impressive, eh? And yes, if you must know, I gushed like a little fanboy.

I look forward to Day 2.

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