#365DaysOfWriting – Day 176

Visited my uncle’s house after a while

It’s been a long time actually. And this was the only time I would meet him before he embarked on one of his long tours again. He’s a cricket statistician – Mohandas Menon, yes you may have heard his name a lot – and travels frequently to cover cricket tours.

I also had the gulab jamun my aunt made after a long time.

Call me weird, but I hate gulab jamun when it’s soaked in sugary syrup. My aunt makes this almost-dry (yet not completely) gulab jamun that just absolutely melts in the mouth. And boy, it tasted like heaven! She also made a lot of other yummy stuff like jeera rice, kadhi pakoda, lovely paneer and cauliflower crisp-fried, and chapatis with a paneer-methi curry. Yeah, pretty delicious menu.

I also met my cousin, who’s barely available for family meets these days with the amount of work he has (poor guy).

All-in-all, it was a good day spent with the family. That should charge me up for next week!

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