#365DaysOfWriting – Day 191

Acquitting common sense

My lord!

Common sense has been charged with many heinous crimes.


It kills joy.

Pricks ignorance.

Hurts sentiments.

Upsets order.

Questions authority.

Among other crimes!

The prosecution demands it to be shut away under Section 420 of the IPC (International Puppet Code).

I do not think it means any harm my lord! In fact, I feel it is essential that common sense should be acquitted, so our human race can prevail! It provides man with an intelligence that is uncommon.

The plaintiffs, my lord, have questionable motives: Ego, Avarice and Hate. They leave a trail of mayhem and destruction. They’ve started wars, burnt forests and burdened the common man to the point where they don’t think any more.

I request you to acquit common sense, my lord. Shutting him away is akin to delivering a death sentence to the world…

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