#365DaysOfWriting — Day 265

100 Days To Go

I remember the time I reached 100 days of writing.

It seems like it was only yesterday. Now I’m just a month away from reaching 300.

It’s been one of the most interesting journeys I’ve ever had. I don’t intend to stop after 365 days — this project will only take a different turn. What turn it will take, you’ll have to keep following me to find out.

I’ve learnt a lot during this time. I’ve also rediscovered the joy in wrting purely for myself — something I’d lost ever since I started working. I used to maintain a blog where I wrote some of the weirdest, most ridiculous short stories — but I remember the joy I got writing them. One of them even won me a 5-DVD set of Akira Kurosawa from Palador. The story was even published in Platform magazine.

Maybe it’s time I got back to writing those stories. Just maybe…



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