#365DaysOfWriting — Day 284

NECA Ultimate Edition Gipsy Danger

I don’t normally do action figure reviews, but this great figure from NECA compelled me to do otherwise. I’m also biased towards Pacific Rim (and Guillermo Del Toro in general) so I had to do this. Pacific Rim was a passion project for Guillermo Del Toro, a story of a world where Kaiju (dinosaur-like creatures) attacks are normal and humans use large robots, called Jaegers, to tackle their menace. Thanks to studio interference (something Warner Bros is famous for), the eventual film turned out to be a watered-down version of Del Toro’s original vision. It was still a thoroughly enjoyable movie.

NECA Ultimate Edition Gipsy Danger – 7" tall

Take a look at the detailing.

The metallic finish on the arms and legs. The weathering on the outer body. The little nuts and bolts that hold the Jaeger together. NECA figures have some of the best detailing in the business, and the Ultimate Edition, more so. This Jaeger looks like it’s seen a few battles, and yet it stands tall and proud.

Let’s have a look at the box.

The box front

The Ultimate Edition box has a few great details on the front, apart from the film art of the Gipsy Danger – Battle Specs, Kaiju Kill Count and Data Core.

Inner flap

The box has a flap in the front that opens to reveal the figure in a plastic transparent window. I’ve already taken the figure out, but take a minute to admire the Jaeger blueprint, based on the art from the film.

The inside of the box

This is what the inside looks like after you’ve taken the figure out. It looks like a Jaeger hangar on a city backdrop. (Note the clever placement of the camera flash, which makes it look like a rising sun.)

The back of the box

The back shows off some features of the figure.

Let’s have a look at the figure now.

Looks cool, innit?

As you can see, the Ultimate Edition comes packed with a lot of accessories. Two swords, a reactor blast prop, two open hands and two plasma cannon hands. And it stands 7 inches tall.

The best part of this figure, though…

LED Power!

The arc reactor in the chest actually lights up! This makes even the arc reactor blast look authentic.


This little addition makes the Ultimate Edition worth every penny. And I got it for a great price from the Entertainment Store, Bandra (contact me personally to know how much).


You’ll probably need to handle its joints like you would an iPhone – they don’t yield easily, and changing arms/accessories/weapons can be time-consuming and hell for your fingers. Even putting the arc reactor blast in the chest is quite hard. So unless you want to break your figure on the first try, I suggest you to follow the instructions and be patient with it.

If you’re a fan of the movie, and like robots in general, this is one figure you MUST have in your collection. NECA offers great value for money, and you can be sure of one thing – they don’t skimp on the detail.



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