#365DaysOfWriting — Day 287

2001: A Space Odyssey

Thank God for Matterden CFC (formerly Deepak Cinema).

The ticket stub.

Watching 2001: A Space Odyssey on the big screen for just Rs. 100 would never have been possible without them. I’ve now watched Godfather I & II, Before Sunrise and now 2001 on the big screen, thanks to Matterden. I hope they screen Blade Runner too.

The movie itself was magnificent.

It reiterated the fact that this is, without a doubt, the greatest science fiction epic to come out of Hollywood. And one of the best in the world. All the while I could only think of how many other films have been inspired from 2001 — be it Gravity, Interstellar or Arrival. It is possibly the first meditative sci-fi film — even Tarkovsky’s Stalker and Solyaris came after 2001. What’s more incredible is the relevance it has even today. Its mystery and varied interpretations even today is testament to the fact that 2001 was meant to intrigue, rather than answer questions. I watched the film with 2 friends, Mithun and Swapnil — Swapnil was watching the film for the first time. I told him he had a long way to go to truly appreciate this film. This was my 5th complete viewing, and there is still so much for me to learn from it. To cut a long story short (I’ve written so much about 2001 before that I tend to run out of the right words at times), I was completely immersed in the experience. Granted, it was a boxed viewing (the picture didn’t fill up the screen), but the clarity of the picture was so crisp, that it was still a treat to watch on the big screen.

So Matterden, my next request is Blade Runner. At least before Villeneuve’s sequel comes out. Pretty please?



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