#365DaysOfWriting — Day 289


Another one of Mohanlal’s greatest all-time hits. Kilukkam is a film that will make you laugh until you cry. It released in 1991 (when I was just a boy of 6) but I can watch it even today and laugh my guts out. This was Priyadarshan’s golden era of comedy in Malayalam cinema.

The story is simple on face value.


The story set in Ooty revolves around tourist guide Joji (Mohanlal) and photographer Nishcal (Jagathy Sreekumar). They happen to meet a lavish tourist Nandini (Revathi), whom they bet their fortunes on. In another parallel plot, mass murderer Samar Khan (Sharath Saxena) murders a policeman in broad daylight – the policeman’s only fault being that he dared to arrest Samar Khan for a crime. How these two storylines meet forms the rest of the story.

The supporting cast is fantastic too.

Thilakan plays Justice Pillai, a strict, retired judge who drives his house help, Kittunni (the marvellous Innocent) MAD. Kittunni harbours a secret grudge against his employer, but knows that he has nowhere else to go. They too have an important part to play in the scheme of things. The comic chemistry between Thilakan and Innocent is brilliant – I can easily see Justice Pillai and Kittunni be a stand up act.

It spawned a Hindi remake and a sequel.

And… neither was successful. The problem with doing either for such an iconic film is that comparisons are inevitable, and that’s where it fails. The Hindi remake was called Muskuraahat (1992), while the Malayalam sequel was called Kilukkam Kilukilukkam (2006).

Even if you don’t understand Malayalam, I recommend you get this film and watch it with subtitles. You will not be disappointed.



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