#365DaysOfWriting — Day 343

Toy clean-up Sunday

Most of today was spent in cleaning and photographing my Batman: The Animated Series line from DC Collectibles (including the Batmobile).

Given how dusty Mumbai is, a periodic clean up is required.

I use a dry cloth (mostly), and for the little crevices, a drop of Colin spray liquid and a little brush.

From L-R: Batman, Robin, Gordon, Joker, Harley and Penguin.

The Animated Series is often considered to have the best portrayal of Batman.

Kevin Conroy nailed two roles – of Batman and Bruce Wayne. Subtle changes to his voice made that possible. Even the supporting voice cast was incredible. And Bruce Timm’s writing made this a kid’s show even adults could appreciate and enjoy. And that balance is hard to get.

Here’s another shot of the squad.

*Cue Danny Elfman score*

I also cleaned the Batmobile, but couldn’t get a good enough shot of it. Here’s a picture I took of it a couple of years back on Instagram. It is a beautiful vehicle, and complements the figures well.

Before I wrap up, a little word about why today is so special – 343 is a perfect cube. Its cube root is 7.

Good night!



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