#365DaysOfWriting — Day Eleven

Exit interviews. Exit checklist. Exit questionnaire. There’s always something about quitting a job that makes you feel a little guilty, isn’t it? Oh, and the tedious task of backing up all your work files… sometimes quitting a job is harder than getting one!

That’s the reason I’ve put up this post so late — I’m doing all these things right now. As I write for Day Eleven. My second-last day at this job. After that, I step into a whole new world — both on a personal and professional level.

The weirdest part of this whole quitting business is that I’ve already quit this company once before , joined another company, quit THAT company and joined this one back. Why, you ask? Many people have asked me this question.

More than the company, I think I was coming back to its people.

I’m always of the firm belief that a good company is founded on the shoulders of good people. And by good, I don’t mean just good professionally — I mean these guys were more than just colleagues, they became my friends. We always worked as a team, and never gave up even with the situation was dire. We slogged, did late nights on Fridays so that we wouldn’t work weekends, and even when it was necessary, worked on weekends. We were in all of it together. Even in the other organisation I worked in after quitting this one, I was surrounded by good people. I’ve always been lucky in that aspect — more often than not, I’ve always worked with good people.

Why am I moving on, then?

Due to circumstances I’d rather not discuss here, most of the people I knew left, one after the other. I was virtually alone. Coming to work just didn’t feel the same any more. And in such situations, it’s better to look for greener pastures (as the cliche goes) rather than clinging on to memories. Now, however, there has been a new influx of people, and there is a new energy in the system — but it’s still not the same to me. That has nothing to do with the new people — they are lovely and haven’t made me feel awkward at all, even during my last days. And I will always want this organisation of mine to do well and prosper. Who knows, maybe, just MAYBE, in the future, I might come back for a Round 3? But it’s too early to say anything right now. As of now, I look forward to my new life with zeal!

And, as always, I hope to meet some new people, and make new friends! Signing off for Day Eleven. If you like what you read, tap the little green heart at the bottom.

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