#365DaysOfWriting – Day Ninety

Today I discovered a lovely Asian cuisine restaurant in Bandra – Busago.

Before I begin talking about Busago, let me just say that I feel like Sachin Tendulkar today. I’m into the nervous nineties. Unlike Sehwag, I can’t hit a 6 and a 4 to reach 3 figures though – it has to be the Dravid way of singles (although even he’s reached a test century with a 6, against the Aussies).

Anyway, back to Busago.

Quaint little place in Bandra with not much seating – but really good Asian food. And they claim that their food is MSG-free, so that’s a plus. I had a Burmese chicken kaukswe. Basically it was just plain steamed noodles in one bowl, and chicken in coconut milk gravy (almost like a Kerala stew) in another bowl. Together it tasted so good! They also had condiments like onion shallots and groundnuts to sprinkle on the dish, if we wanted. It was nice, simple, homely and not heavy at all. Thank you for taking me there, Sanika!

Thank you for one more thing.

One of my favourite Spider-Men!

I really wasn’t expecting this. It just goes to show how much you love me and understand me. Miguel O’ Hara is a great Spider-Man – sometimes I feel he isn’t given as much credit as Peter Parker or Miles Morales.

And now, as I head back home, I’m listening to Bohemian Rhapsody. What a day! If you liked reading about it, tap the little green heart at the bottom.