#365DaysOfWriting – Day Twenty-Nine

The beginning of a dream project.

On Day Twenty-Eight, I took my first steps toward my dream project – writing a novel. There have been many false starts earlier, but somehow I feel that this time, this is it. And I’ve never had that feeling before.

For the first time, I have the universe of the novel mapped out.

World-building never came to me easily earlier, but now, as I’m older and wiser (I think), building a world is easier. I have a lot of experience and reading material to fall back upon.

I know the start and the end of the story.

They often say that the best story is the one you know the start and the end of, and you only need to fill in the middle. I’m fairly confident that I know EXACTLY what to fill in.

The premise is as intriguing as it is contemporary.

It deals with real world issues and delves deep into a lot of the situations we already face today. It also paints a picture of the future as it might be if the human race were to continue with its petty ways.

It’s not black and white.

Nothing is ever set in stone. The concept is malleable – strong, but flexible to accommodate fictional allowances (or creative liberties, what you might call them). Even the characters are grey – there are no outright heroes.

Yes, I do think I have finally found my ‘eureka’ moment. If you like what you read, tap the little green heart at the bottom!

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