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marriage is,

doing a crossword together,

finding words and getting cross,

sudden explosions of epiphany,

ecstasy as a word is realized,

a puzzle is grasped,

the brains latch on to the ride,

like a seagull on the ocean wind,

diving to meet the currents of the air,

that surround it, letting the oceans

of discovery and deliverance lap

at the edges of the hippocampus,

like the tips of sandy shores;

that journey of joy with your spouse

to find the word that solves the puzzle.

newspapers still have magic.

Why watch yet another werewolf show?

Power. Passion. Corruption. Conflict. The survival of the pack, or the survival of the lone wolf? To kill, or not to kill the bad guys? Teenage angst mixed with supernatural abilities and a dark past.

Teen Wolf, the hit TV show from MTV

All of these dramatic elements permeate the hit television show Teen Wolf, which has just over 2,000,000 viewers.

The MTV show started in 2011. Its sweeping titles and exciting introductions draw you into the center of the drama. This is a show that ends each episode on a curious note, encouraging binge-watching to find out what happens. The final season just started up last week…

An exclusive in-depth interview with the Settlers of Catan inventor, Klaus Teuber.

One day, many men in gray cloaks come to visit in the night, and steal all of your grain. Bit by bit, they snatch up your most valuable resource. You are broke. For years you don’t have any more grain. What could you have to done deserve this? Was it because you built the longest road across the island?

This is the game of Catan. A game that changes every time you play it anew; it is a game that challenges your ideals about economic structure and brings your attention to the roll of the die. …

I grew up as a homeschool kid in New Jersey, under the wings of two very conservative Evangelical Christians. For 18 years, I had a singular primary social context for how the world worked, and how I interacted with others. The idea of a “friend” or “best friend” was not often discussed, because we were all “brothers” and “sisters” based on our relationship with God and Jesus. We were all part of a flock that supposedly believed in a few basic tenets about relational love for others. …

A screenshot from my gameplay this last weekend.

I’m not a gamer. I just play games I like, a lot. Usually it has to involve a specific type of gameplay, a good story, and archery. I like to joke with friends that I don’t like a console game unless it involves archery. So far, some of my favorites to date are Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Far Cry Primal. So you can imagine that when I saw someone sharing their screenshots of Horizon Zero Dawn, and heard it compared to Tomb Raider and Far Cry Primal, I was intrigued. …

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How Alliteration Can Work in Marketing

In order for marketing copy to be powerful it must have a strong call-to-action. Words are still an essential piece of the visual stimuli in marketing. Because fewer words are necessary to convey a message or invite conversation, every word must tell (thanks, Strunk & White). Each sentence must pack the punch you need it to, so you can share expertise your fan base needs or begin a dialogue that spreads your brand influence online.

Use Words for Memorable Marketing

There are many ways to use words to market online, in graphics, blogs, status updates, or polls. Certain techniques with language itself will aid Internet…

By Corissa Haury

“wait just a minute, you expect me to believe

that all this misbehaving, grew from one enchanted tree

and helpless to fight it, we should all be satisfied

with this magical explanation, for why the living die”

— “Hard to Be” by David Bazan

When I was in college, my then-boyfriend gave me a lot of music. He was good at picking out things that I would like. …

From KCHA News in Iowa/Nebraska

[ [ CW: This piece does have some mild violence and swearing. ] ]

It’s really hot out. 110 degrees hot. The kind of hot that means you can’t take your shoes off even on the porch or you’d burn your feet. The sun is brutal in the extreme in Nebraska, “beating” would be perhaps too kind a word. It’s kicking my ass in the middle of this cornfield.

Rough corn leaves scratch my arms as I walk down each tall, green row of stalks, trudging mile after mile in the mud beneath my brown hiking boots. The tiny cuts…

The Winner’s Banner from National Novel Writing Month 2015

By Corissa Haury

Writing a novel is not easy. Whether you put pen to paper, type on a typewriter, or use a tablet with a keyboard like me, you still have to do something hard. You have to write.

You have to write a lot, too. 50,000 words in one month is no joke. The daily minimum to reach 50k is 1667 words, or about 3 double spaced pages. Multiply that by the 30 days writers are given to finish the task, and that’s a minimum of 90 pages for the month-long project. An average published novel is between 100,000 and 175,000 words

By Corissa Haury

Indiana Jones is close to universally likable. He’s got an aura of adventure and a great story. You could say he’s engaging. With some web-based work that’s nowhere near as hard as archaeology, you can be as influential, likable, and daring as Indy. Read these reasons to be an Indiana Jones online and grow your business.

1. He Knows His Stuff

Image source:

Dr. Jones is a professor when he’s not being chased by bad guys and fending off snakes. His knowledge (and yours) is power. Your content must be based on your own solid expertise or trustworthy experts. Trends and websites you use every day shift…

Corissa Haury

writer, software QA engineer, generally restless

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