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Oct 7, 2019 · 3 min read

Whatever we are about to say, you will witness it all once you trust us with your pending assignment or task. There is a story behind every business; a risk behind every business and yes, we have ours to share with you guys as well.

C-founders of — Vasyl and Vitalii
C-founders of — Vasyl and Vitalii
Co-founders of — Vasyl and Vitalii

Writing Metier started when two co-workers joined their forces and started something from scratch. These are the same co-workers who are talking to you right now; meet Vasyl and Vitalii, the brains behind Writing Metier.

It started when we were working at a private company. While burdened in work on a regular basis, we both built a great working relationship, a great partnership. In relations like this, you get to find those who share the same life goals as you, and we both did: to start something of our own. From compromising our lunch breaks to meet after long days of work to discuss the potential business ideas, we were just unstoppable, and that is what runs this company now too — dedication.

When we finalized the idea of Writing Metier, we had to invest all the money we had. As young employees, we were high on dreams and dedication with the willingness to risk it all. This is why we make sure to build a concrete business model. We took our time because failure is a word we couldn’t add to our dictionary and frankly, couldn’t afford either.

And now here we are; talking to all of you. If you are reading about us, we are sure that we did something right to make you come here.

Writing Metier Team during working hours in the office
Writing Metier Team during working hours in the office
Writing Metier Team during working hours in the office

Coming back to Writing Metier, our one aim while making the business plan was to make sure we have a creative environment which contributes to the growth of our team. Yes, team and not employees, because we are all in this together. At Writing Metier, we are all working together and not for each other. This is what makes the squad, the team so strong. We love transparency, and we preach it among the team members as well.

Several years after the launch, Writing Metier is doing their best and fulfilling the promises they made: to provide high-quality services to the customers and contribute in the growth of employees working at the company.

We have made sure to offer a number of services so that the requirements and needs of students and professionals are addressed. Additionally, we filled our company with expert, professional and creative writers who know exactly what they are doing. The writers are trained, know their guidelines and would never put you in any trouble.

Writing Metier Team — ROCKS
Writing Metier Team — ROCKS
Writing Metier Team — ROCKS

Our communication with customers is transparent as well — we perform what we promise and give timely results as well. Once you hire us, you’d see that these are more than just words and more like an ideology which we wish to embed in the culture of Writing Metier. From the founders to the team-members working here, this is what we practice, and you can witness that from our work as well.

We welcome you to the Writing Metier family, and we hope you enjoy your stay here. Always here to assist you!

Vasyl and Vitalii

Co-founders of

                            Writing Metier                    
We Write Hard While You Play Hard!

Writing Metier

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Writing is our job, our passion, our love and of course, our métier. Welcome to the world of Writing Metier: — online writing service

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