Agreed. I initially had no problem with the original post, but some of the responses — “I’m not…
April Joyner

OMG…I totally agree with you. I mean 60-days is a lot of investment for a magazine. That’s a lot of time, money and effort and it would waste a lot of resources if they spent that much time and didn’t pull out a story. In fact, that seems a pretty long amount of time on a profile even for a magazine. I once spent a year on a story…it won awards and my paper submitted it to the granddaddy of them all newspaper contests it went on to inspire a television episode etc., so I know that papers invest time and money in long-arc story for a big pay off. Not to say um…sorry “you’re not black enough.” 
And believe you me I spent decades in newsrooms arguing that black criminals aren’t the only people with life stories to tell so I know the propensity to support the criminal black pathology narrative but this seems a bit over the top and elongated. I hope he does have receipts…like names and faces…because if this is true these folks need to be held accountable.

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