I don’t know the Author’s background or Propaganda behind this article, but I couldn’t appreciate…
Saumitra R. Bhave

This article smacks of the Eugenics language of the early 20th century. The characterization of a group called “the Poor,” automatically sets people living in poverty as substandard. As if they’re somehow defective and the rest of us are fine. This idea that people living in poverty have a genetic disposition to commit crime, be mentally unstable, in short everything that’s wrong with society is the type of mentality that led to forced sterilizations, the abortion movement and death camps. Just because his solution is different doesn’t negate the false premise.
As someone mentioned we can make the same observation about children from wealthy families including high incidents of drug abuse, anorexia and other eating disorders and general mental instability. It’s obvious the author has never really worked with people living in poverty. He’s pushing his “free money,” idea to end poverty but there are just as many studies that show giving away free money doesn’t work to end poverty. Just ask the people in the Congo. Oh wait, they never got it because the War Lords took aid before people could get it. Poverty is a state of mind not a state of being. And the answer to it is not free money but the ability to make your own. Sure this guy is making the Interwebs rounds but I have yet to see any tangible proof that what he’s advocating actually works on a large scale basis. Maybe he should start with his own bank account and the money he’s getting from book sales. Start giving that away and then we can talk.

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