What It’s Like to Be a Woman at a Tech Conference
Chloe Condon

This is hilarious and so true. I remember going to the first AR/VR Hackathon at MIT last year and sitting in the Unity developers session and looking around the room and seeing like 150 people and going “Only chic in here; still can’t get a date!”

Being a black women in tech is literally being a unicorn; half the time you feel like you’re some sort of exotic exhibit people can’t stop staring at the other half you feel like an Ironprincess manipulating men at will. It’s quite funny actually.

Being a black woman and over 40 in tech is a whole different story. Minds are blown daily. LOL

I do want to point out though that after a certain age I found it difficult to give sexism and racism a pass. It’s the 21st century. Read a book. Watch a YouTube video. Meet someone who doesn’t look like you and get to know them.

Educate yourself on people who are not like you because you want to be a better human being not because someone told you to.

Change will come a lot faster if people took responsibility for their own myopia.

You don’t increase diversity. You decrease self-absorption. Start there. See how fast it spreads.

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