Made to outlast

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Photo by Ashok Munde on Unsplash

You flourish like the palm tree
You are still going to make it
The righteous flourish, a green palm tree
You are rooted in Christ Himself
Your righteousness
He upholds you.

Moved by what you know I say
And not by what you see

This storm cannot hold you down
As you bend over in the stormy gale,
You look away from it
And you look unto Me
You feast at my Table in the presence of your enemies
My finished work, My victory won for you
Your Destiny within
Greater than the storm around you.

You come out stronger than you were.
You bear fruit, bless, and benefit others
My perfect love casts out all fear
Your path can only get brighter. …


Writing River

Loved by the Father. Resting in my Saviour. Carried by rivers of His Spirit. Your inspired word through poetry: Get your gift here:

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