Navigating romance outside of the norm of a common constructed social narrative is tricky at best, and forces a lot of self-exploration and communication.
The bigger picture of polyamory

I’d be interested to hear more about how you navigate these tricky areas.

For example, when you are romantically interested in someone, when do you disclose that you are poly? From the very beginning? How do people react? I imagine you run into many people who reject this lifestyle and are only interested in monogamy.

When you have multiple romantic relationships, how much do your other partners know about who else you are seeing? Full-disclosure? Don’t ask, don’t tell? What are your rules and boundaries?

Not that I’m trying to prod or get too personal, but I realize everyone handles these things differently, and these are issues that I’m also figuring out how to navigate in my own personal life.

Thanks for sharing this!

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