I’m going to give this anther try…

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

I’ve been a regular consumer here for quite a while. I can’t recall what brought me to this site, but my initial thoughts were that it was wonderful. I liked the idea of a place where people could come together and share works, thoughts, ideas, poems, photos, and/or essentially any creative piece.

About a month ago I decided to begin contributing.

I had hoped to begin posting regularly (at least two — three times each week), but that hasn’t happened…..

Yeah, sometimes life really gets in the way!!!

I have found the time to read and make comments. I enjoy engaging with those the peek my curiosity and interest….

I’m appreciative for those that take the time to truly engage with readers- it makes the platform much more appealing!

I’ve also continued to journal daily- I’m grateful that I made the decision to begin keeping a daily account of my thoughts- it’s what has kept me moving forward….

But to be honest, I still feel like I have a void that I must fill. I’m not certain that I’m up for a “30 day challenge”, but I do hope to be more consistent.

I suppose only time will tell….