All You Need to Know About Guest Posting

Publication of guest posts is one of the methods of blog’s free promotion. As a way of promotion, it is quite sufficient. Although it requires high effort — that is why many bloggers use this method less frequently. However, if it is good to understand this way of promoting your blog — it becomes the clear competitive advantage over others.

Benefits of Guest Posting

1. You will not only get indexed backlinks but new visitors. If to select a high quality and visited resource for publication, this may be up to several hundred per day.

2. Often bloggers agree to publish an excellent guest post, even if you do not sell links from your blog and are very sensitive to the number of external links.

3. References in guest posts look very natural regarding search engines. Also, you can manage anchors and some links in the text.

4. The guest post is a great opportunity to express yourself and your blog. Often you can unobtrusively advertise own services and information products.

5. You can attach your articles which are not fit under the issue of your site.

6. With the right choice of the blog, you can get links practically eternally.

7. In response to questions in your posts, you will be able to attract new visitors to your site.

Disadvantages of Guest Posting

Of course, this method of promotion has its drawbacks. As I have mentioned above, there is an effort to create articles for a guest post. To write a good topical post is not as easy as it might seem. It often takes a couple of hours or even all day. Thus, it is necessary to understand that if the better material, the more attention will be attracted to the person.

In general, guest posting is not the only way to get more links to your site, but also an excellent opportunity to express yourself. Now, let us move directly to what should be a guest post to be accepted.


The fact that a guest post must correspond to the topics of the blog is indisputable. Nevertheless, I believe there is a “place to roam,” because, as a rule, the majority of projects’ subjects are extensive enough for the type of “blogging,” or “earnings on the Internet,” etc. For these two topics can be written hundreds of articles, each of which would have addressed the issue from different angles.

It can be both theoretical positions and practical one. Although, the latter are probably more preferable. Firstly, they are easier to take, digest and implement in life, and secondly, they can show your high level of expertise in a particular area.

By the way, I agree about that the topic of the future post can be directly discussed with the author of the blog before writing. Perhaps, sometimes it is even necessary to do.

Writing Style

Every blogger has his style of writing: someone writes a lot, some only in the case, and someone with rude words; someone prefers to write in Notepad++, someone in Word, and the last one are using EditPlus. Do not be afraid to use in the guest post your personal style — it is contrary plays a benefit. Diversity is very useful, including the method of supplying the material. Nevertheless, I want to note that should be observed certain rules and regulations established for the project — it is not necessary to write too “personal” position on a grave theme site.

The author can easily deny such publication, and he will be right. This may also include the use of rude words — I do not think that it colors the text so much. Creator of the blog, in principle, is permissible to make his decisions — he is a full owner, and you are the guest. Also, watch out for literacy — a large number of errors drastically reduce the chance of publishing your guest post.


It is best to stick to the style of blog’s design, where you are going to publish the post. You most likely are a regular reader of this project, so the format should be familiar. Pay attention to what size of paragraphs there, whether headers and text separations are used, etc. Some bloggers, like me, like to illustrate own posts with images. The picture should be relevant to the topic. Also, pay attention to its size (width). And remember about various screenshots, especially if you are posting a practical material on “how to do something …” Thus, it is possible to specify the text links to the existing image. Although better, perhaps, to attach them to the annex to the letter, after designating the place of use in the article. Some authors may expose the requirement to comply with copyright (rights of use) of images.

Often, there is a question about how many characters should be in a guest post, that is, how long it should be. As for me, this is a decision you must make for yourself based on the situation. There is no definite criterion — write as much as it will be enough to reveal the set theme.

Editing Before Publication

It all depends on the author of the project. You have to be ready for the fact that your post may be changed. Firstly, it can be done to improve the effectiveness of the article — picked up a spectacular header placed in the article headings, highlighted certain words / phrases. Subject from changing layout, images in the text are excluded “contentious issues”, such as where a lot of “water”, etc. In principle, the author has a particular responsibility to the readers of the published material, and he is directly interested in how to make it better. So, do not be offended if this happened.

At the same time, I think, not everyone has time to be engaged in a spell checker and correct sentence structure. Sending of such material as a guest post — is not respect for the author of a blog and his work. Careless attitude does not “paint” a man. In such cases, the text can be returned to you with the wish to refine it.

Remember, the better guest post you will write, the more benefits and PR it will bring for you.

Exclusivity and Backlinks

A guest post should be unique. You cannot publish it in your blog, and then send it out to 2–3 bloggers as a guest post. Everyone is allowed to write articles on the same topics, but it should be different positions.

It is evident that the author of a guest post should receive some benefit from his publication, therefore, as a rule, in the text can be published about 2–3 references to a project / product / service that you would like to promote. There are allowed links to own posts which are suitable for the article. But it should not be abused because may cause an adverse respond. It is also possible to indicate that it is a guest post and add a link to your personal blog. These lines can be placed at the end of the material, thanked everyone for their attention. You can specify links to your RSS reader to have the opportunity to sign up immediately.

Additional Requirements

Each author of the blog can make his demands. For example, there is an unwritten rule that perpetrators of blogs and guest post should have more or less equally popularity — most often it is the number of subscribers. If you only have got a blog, and published only 2 or 3 articles, and immediately rushed to place guest posts on blogs with the number of subscribers more than 1000 or 2000, and then you will most likely be denied. It is better to start with something small and gradually conquer new goals.

The rule is, of course, questionable, so everyone decides for himself. There is a deal, probably, not even in the number of subscribers, but the fact that the author of the blog does not want to refer to a strange site — several posts are difficult to determine the reliability of the blogger, the seriousness of his intentions. After all, the purpose of such publications may be in a getting of backlinks from the major blogs, capacity indicators, and the desire to earn by selling links. Therefore, it is necessary to understand each situation individually. The main thing, in any case, is a guest post — if it is good indeed, there can be made an exception.

I would like to note that these rules are not 100% criteria of the rightness or wrongness of the guest post. Nobody is going to drive the author to strict some limits. Using of own writing style is often welcomed, but you should remember about quality. By the way, there is one indicator of a good post (you may check it for yourself) — if after writing the text you do not want to publish it as a guest post, and you have a wild desire to place it on your blog — then such post is excellent.