Great Quotes Which Motivate to Write Better

Every writer, blogger or journalist faces the question, “How to write better?”, or “How to increase own productivity?” The most reliable way is to learn from the best masters of the Word. The Greatest, unfortunately, are no longer in this world, but the legacy they left behind is valuable. The mankind was left everything for the self-cultivation.

“I’ll be damned if I’ll write a novel just out to have lunch every day!”, E. Hemingway

Today, the most writing people have made the real business of the magnificent writing. Yes, money making is necessary and important. But if the writer doing his job only for the sake of the gain, he will become the soulless robot. And the real writer bares his soul and pours it on the paper. Sincerity in art is the key to success.

“For us, for writers, the abuse means nothing — we live because of being shouted, and only the silence is killing us,” B. Johnson

The words of real crafter! No criticism — no acclaimed writers. Thirst for the victory will disappear, and writers will be turned into “amoebas” without a good portion of the critique. The person, who was not criticized, cases never grow up in his business. Listen for the critique!

“Slang is the language, that took off the jacket, spat on its hands and went working,” K. Sandberg

Very often, writers are trying to pick up some existential words to look polite in their texts. But sometimes slang is good. There is a sense to talk to people the same “language”. In some cases slang will reduce the so-called “many letters”, and will save the desired meaning. Brevity is a sister of a talent.

“The one, who does not hope to have a million readers, should not write even a single line”, I. W. Goethe

This is a moment of the truth! It’s time to decide for yourself, whether you write because you adores the “typing” process, or you are aiming to get a serious readership? If your answer was in the favor of “typing”, you don’t have to worry about the productivity. When your writing is a hobby, then just have fun with the process. But if you want to go further and reach the new level, then write for Millions! You have a wide audience, and they are waiting for your masterpiece!

“If I would like to advise something aspiring to the writers, I would say nothing particular — just general words. And it would be the best thing I could do”, R. Bach

Do not think, do not assess how is reasonable what you are writing — enjoy it. If you are bored with the words that are written on your paper you may imagine how it would be to the reader. Your pleasure is necessary. As soon as you start to yawn, throw out everything. And one more thing, do not try to look decent. This is the key to the self-deception, which is operated again and again.

“Every author has his own style. Therefore, his grammar… I do not care about the rights of others! I put the comma before “that” where I need it, and where I feel that I should not put the comma before “that,” there I do not want to put it to me!”, F. Dostoevsky

Sounds excellent! I think many of you are agreed with the mentioned above. The rules are good at the crossing a road on the “green”, or when you are standing in the line at the store, and going to buy a piece of bread. In art, the rules cannot allow the soul to disperse, and to give the world what you want to give!

“Style is the dress of thoughts”, F. Chesterfield

The writer, who keeps the style in everything is the first-class writer! Maintain your image reading classics Remarque, Maupassant, Bulgakov. Create eternal stories like “Madame Bovary”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Vanity Fair”… And, for the sake of all the saints, forget about the regularly sitting on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites when you’re bored. It is better to get some fresh air.

Write a lot, but do not hurry. Grind your word and “fill your hand”. Live your life such way to make guys that are sitting Above to say, “Come on! Repeat it!”