How to Find Free Readers for a New Blog

David Jameson
Mar 16, 2016 · 5 min read

The most pressing question for the blogger who is just beginning to conduct a thematic blog is WHERE TO GET READERS? Not to take, but also do it for free. Beginners may seem it like a daunting task, but any experienced blogger knows that a good start is a matter of technique. It is enough to follow some simple guidelines and tips.


The importance of comments at the beginning is difficult to overestimate; it is a straightforward and natural way to meet other bloggers and to acquaint them with the own blog. In some cases, comments, among other things, are direct links to the popular blogs.

Where should commenting first?

• Comment on the popular theme blogs. It allows you to “show yourself and will let you see others,” and even help you to get some targeted traffic;

• The active position on Facebook and Twitter. Find publics on your subject. The primary task is to “make friends” and improve relations. Surely, you will have “blogger-friends” there. The sort of bloggers who are loyal readers, doing retweets, and may help you with potential links, etc.;

• Comment on the blogs of your commentators. If you have someone who left a comment, make a reciprocal step. It will be your invitation to friendship.

Write every day

If your job is a fast start, first try to write every day. Moreover, you need to write only quality posts. It is important for several reasons:

• It is necessary that your blog as soon as possible to become a full-fledged and meaningful. Another word, it should contain as much as possible answers to the frequently asked questions;

• The reader must get the impression that today and tomorrow it will be interesting on your blog. Subscribers are adding such blogs to their favourites.

This point is probably one of the most sensitive in the promotion of the blog. Each project takes a lot of time just by writing new articles. Perhaps you should prepare before starting to compose, and have several texts in advance.

Invite friends

If you have friends interested in the topic of your blog, you can invite them for the beginning. It is will make a new blog “alive” and active. For those who are just beginning to engage in blogging, you can access your schoolmates or just friends, who are interested in similar topics. If you already have a blog and creating a new project, be sure to invite the reader to go to the new site. Also, you can invite your friends from social networks.

Post to thematic social networks

Currently, almost all the traditional theme has its social network. If you are posting regularly in these thematic networks, I have good news — you are guaranteed (especially, if the network is developed) will get a certain number of transitions and, therefore, potential readers. And the backlinks still nobody harmed.

Reference to other blogs

Refer to the topics of the blogs. It would be useful for several reasons. Firstly, many of them appear trackbacks (you will automatically receive a link back). Second, you have a chance to get a reciprocal link from a good blogger.

You have to refer to, as follows:

• Popular blogs. Find that sources that display the trackbacks or loyal to new blogs (they willingly link);

• Blogs of your subject. As always, to secure the friendship and “bump” on the reverse link.

Use popular social network services

At the moment, you can get a sizeable number of transitions, so the networks are an excellent source of potential readers. Therefore, manifests activity in these networks. In principle, it is possible to create even a thematic group on your project. I am planning to do something similar in the nearest future.

Vary by links

A lot of bloggers, including popular, readily changed by links (I’m even not talking about the beginners). Therefore, if you see the announcement that the blogger in your niche changes links and he is still single, never pass by him. In compiling links invent and ask bloggers to post the most positive suggestions with the words “recommend”, “suggest”, etc. Also, choose not only the best articles on the content but those who should be promoted in the search engines.

Communicate in discussion forums

The case shape is another place where you may find people interested in your topic. Therefore, find a time for forums — communicate being skilled, and you may be sure you’ll expand the audience of your blog. For example, on the SEO forums for webmasters, there are sections called “blogosphere digest”, where you can post announcements about your websites. Also, you may put your link in a signature to each post.

Write guest posts

Guest posting is a “heavy artillery”. The effectiveness of which is very high, but require more effort than any of the above-listed techniques. To write quality posts, worthy of popular blogs, you need to make a lot of effort and not every beginner blogger will be under the force. The primary criterion for the creation of high-quality material should extend a wild desire to post it to the blog instead of the friendly source.

All the methods described above will create for your new blog an excellent foundation for the further development. Promoting a new blog is a hard but interesting and exciting work. So the only thing you need is time and will.

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