Mental Attitude of Productive Writer

Don’t you also have an idea about how a really good writer can live and operate in conditions of peace and harmony? I think it is not real! Any creative person has to feel a fire in the heart. But it does not grow out of anywhere. It appears in conditions of stress. Every writer will be a good crafter if he is placed in the bottom of the blender and the “Start” button is turned on. Be inspired and positive-minded writer in terms of frustrations and downs.

At the end of the post, I will share you an ancient practice from Buddha. The method helps to accumulate internal reserves, renewable energy and write productively in any situation.

Be brutal

It does not matter the number of tools and techniques that you use when writing. If you have no eagerness and some particular experience in life — all is ashes. A “magic pill” or a “magic algorithm” squeezed out of the fingers should not motivate in writing.

The inner attitude plays a significant role in human life. There is no bigger “traction” to art than when you are staying on a “shaky ground”. Look at the pros and remember that “problems and failures” is a powerful weapon in the hands of the author. In reality it is called a banal word “experience.”

Be hungry

There are people who live under the slogan of “challenge accepted”. This is a luxurious category of people, and I put all writers into it. Everybody who write is sharing experience and vision of life, emphasizes the subtleties of modern times, giving a clear understanding of what is happening, giving a bright color of epoch in which they live. I would call this “epoch” “to climb a rock bare feet.” People are unique in the ability to adapt to life. What does not kill us, makes only stronger.

…and as I promised…

An ancient practice by Buddha

Look at the sky very attentively, find the sun there (you may use your sunglasses, if it’s too bright), stretch your gentle palm forward and say aloud, “I can do everything!” You may be sure, it works!

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