Ways to Develop Creative Thinking

There is an infinite variety of ways to develop your imagination. Some people train is when they have free time, like in public transport; some people even manage to do it on the job. Everyone has their favorite methods, so here’s a couple popular ones to add to your arsenal.

Simple verbal exercises

Games used to develop childrens’ speaking skills can be used to develop creative and quick thinking in adults!

In the olden days, we played word associations, so why not to do this being adult? This can be done in solitude as well as in a company of people you want to play with, turning it into a real tournament, and at the same time fun pastime. Repeated words don’t count! Think for more than five seconds, and you’re disqualified. Come up with any number of house rules you want, they only make playing more fun.

Try to connect the unconnected

Write nouns on small pieces of paper, and put them in a bag or a hat, like you would when playing charades in a world without an app to do it for you. Take out two words and invent non-standard versions of the interaction of these objects or phenomena. For example, iron and cabbage. Can it be combined? Be creative! Forging absurd stories you can find out why the iron is going to eat cabbage or the latter is going to smoothen all the hundred of clothes.

Advertising is the engine of imagination

One of the tools available for the development of imagination is advertising. You see it everywhere, and it is very handy. Find new and unexpected solutions. Create for your pleasure. Combine several different banners with slogans in one sentence, for example, “Fresh bread: take everything out of life.” It can also be a very fun and, most importantly, useful occupation.

Finish building the history and fate

Every day you meet a lot of strangers: in transport, in the street, in public places. Make it a rule every day to choose one person and think about them as a character from a novel. Pay attention to their appearance, manner of dressing, walking. Observe intently. Based on this, let your imagination create an image. Give them a name, what their thoughts are, where they work, where they go in their spare time, what they would do in the evening, what their inner conflict is and how they cope with it.

Next day, find another stranger, try to come up with a story or a situation in which a new character will interact with the hero of the previous day. So you’ll get the whole story, it is already filled with details and may even appear the original idea for the book.

Invented characters

Some people had imaginary “friends” when they were kids. Did you have an imaginary friend like that? Then it’s time to start! It is another variant of the imagination. Just compose a few stories about a character which will be endowed with certain qualities different from your own. What would he do in a particular situation in your place? Whatever he was doing and with whom to communicate? Consider the character based on your life, create an alter ego. At first, it may seem strange, but then you will entice the variability of your actions and thoughts. A more objective look at the situation from the outside is very helpful in some cases.

Watch movies without sound

This exercise often makes the style of any film in the comic surrealism, and, therefore, of creative thought for sure, there is a place to roam. For this method will suit only those movies that you’ve never seen and do not know their content. TV may help you. Channel surf, and start watching the first movie you don’t recognize. To dive in the first few minutes of the situation, watch with the sound a couple of minutes. Then turn it off and activate your imagination. To delve into the situation without words, turn the events in your direction, develop different character features of the speech of the characters.

Once you have mastered this exercise, try to make a dramatic plot twist, which is contrary to the action of the film. Try to connect your imagination and picture into a single plan. It does not matter that the peasants at harvest organize Viennese ball. You are the creator; you are so you can see.

In conclusion, want to recall that the success of any exercise depends on the regularity. Take into service a couple of techniques and practice them daily. And the result is not long to wait.

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