What Should be the Blog

Introduction to the Internet for many of us begins with a dream of building a website. And there is nothing surprising, especially if you are a creative person, with proper use of the pen, which has something to tell others. But if you’re doing in the web are only the first steps, the implementation of such large projects will take you until the teeth. Do not take up the case, which in the future may fail due to lack of experience, knowledge, and resources. If you want to succeed on the web, let’s start small — with the development of the blog.

Blog benefits

A personal blog is for the owner of some different advantages. Firstly, to create it a lot easier and faster than any other site. Second, update your blog does not take a lot of time because it does not require additional skills and knowledge. And, third, the resource provides the opportunity to realize them fully as a writer. No wonder prominent copywriters write blogs on a regular basis.

The blog is the author’s website, enabling you to communicate with people, make new friends, long-term business relationships, and contacts. It is the best way to reflect your feelings, emotions, thoughts, and demonstrate knowledge of a subject. For companies blog often appears an attractive addition to the primary site, highlighting the company’s activity. But for ordinary users, the personal blog is a very useful tool for earnings.

Respond to the question, “What should be the blog” its creator is necessary before development. After all, a blog is bound to be to form your reputation in the vast virtual space. Bright, creative, well-done blog can cause a real stir, to attract the broad masses of visitors and make you famous on the Internet.

What is a blog should not be?

To ensure the blog personal happiness for years to come, first of all, should be mentioned that it should not be there. For example, an excessive amount of inbound links that will inevitably occur as a result of promotion. 3–5 links to related resources on the subject enough for you with a vengeance.

Also, avoid plagiarism, i.e. copy materials from the third-party sites. Plagiarism is never considered good manners, even more so on the Internet. Minimum quotes more creative, confident, fresh ideas — that’s success of each project. And the blog as well. After all, the blog is your face on the web. This resource should reflect your position, your views, values ​, and tastes.

I don’t recommend cheating search engines and using other similar techniques. Interesting and useful for the readers of the resource may not be popular without trust robots. For the same reason, it’s reasonable to abandon the use of programs that monitor the rating and other data. Especially since they are prohibited by the Queen of the Internet — Google search engine.

Blog content

Now let’s talk about what you want to include in your blog. The contents of such sites are the texts (primary point). They should be interesting, and if the website relates to any subject, be sure to it is useful. Interest is an essential component of the readers attention. Your blog should be a tasty morsel for the target audience. The recipe for each article should contain an individual flair, which is like a magnet to attract people.

Forever refuse moderate solutions, forget about the “complex honors,” say “goodbye” excessive modesty, phlegmatic and boredom. Few frills never hurt, well, a blog is sure to bring the desired result. Leave official style for other projects. Instead, give yield new ideas and intriguing information. Use in a comparison of the text (metaphor), to supply them with pictures, do not ignore criticism and be charismatic to the very end.

Another important requirement — the urgency. Write modern language, even if you are describing the events of history. Be open to research publications, the analysis of which would cause a furor. Maintain an active dialogue with readers. And remember: if you are having difficulty with writing materials, you can always take the help of a copywriter.

A few words about design

Beautiful design for the blog is not mandatory. The presence of flash elements, pop-up menus, and other bells and whistles here will be useless. Much more important make web pages download speed, ease of use of the site and become familiar with its texts. These criteria will be brought to you guests-visitors.

Choose a platform

And the final point is on the appropriate platform. WordPress is the best solution. Moreover, it’s already designed specifically for blogs. There are beautiful patterns, and ease of filling, and promotion opportunities. However, there is a one “but” — you need to pay to host.

Therefore, if your site is 100 % personal, it is a good alternative to a given platform can be any free service for creating and maintaining blogs. Selecting in this case enormous, so make a right decision for yourself to get a pleasure of the process, or money making, …or both. :)