Iskra Johnson

I think that the sum total of human endeavor and daily living adds up to a patchwork quilt of results that we cannot quite control or predict.

While we may all want jobs to be secure and the environment protected while living in our cosy, insulated worlds, we think very little about the choices we make that have a cascading effect.

Diamonds may glitter but the process that gets them into an upscale showroom is hidden from view.

Chocolates consumed innocently do not have innocent origins. They are the result of a supply chain that we ignore.

Innovation in the top end of the chain could actually lead to exploitation at the other end — and no one is the wiser, since sourcing and production happens thousands of miles away.

Can we stop upgrading our phones every year? Can we decide that we don’t need a hundred flavours of ice cream to choose from or soda to get through a typical day?

On the other hand, if advanced economies stopped sourcing clothes, technology and all the other stuff that keeps the world going, the smaller countries would suffer even more.

There are no easy answers. Because it takes a lot of vision to look beyond the street and the city we live in.

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