The Moon

Glance up at the sky

Ever searching eyes

Cling to the iridescence

Of the satellite that shines.

Draped in darkness

Among forgotten stars

Reaching out to shadows

I don’t know where you are.

Please don’t get lost

In the vast, spinning plain

Of sun spots and stardust,

Of meteors and milky ways.

Please find your way

Back to where we are

Waiting, wishing, wandering,

Wondering where you are.

Lose us in your light

The light we’re looking for

Blind us by brightness

Blindness no more.

Show us clarity

The beauty of your face

Hide no imperfections

Hide no hidden grace.

Hide not the dark side

The one we never see

Hide not the demons in the dim

Let us set it free.

The bright, burning flames

Of the sun will come soon

But I’m still waiting

I’m still waiting for the moon.

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