5 Social Media Mistakes Your Brand Should Always Avoid

Iyana Edouard
3 min readDec 1, 2018

Social media is clearly an extremely powerful tool in building a successful brand or company. It overall lets people know who you are, just as much as your personal social media pages do.

Most people don’t even trust a company’s credibility if they don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn page. It’s one of the first things people go to look at in order to get a better understanding of “What are they about?”, “Can I relate to them as a potential customer?” and “Would I enjoy or be satisfied with what they have to offer?”.

However, there are some companies out there that still do not believe or understand the true power of social media. Although word of mouth and personal recommendations work in this generation it only works for so long.

If a company or brand leaders that has never really used social media for anything more than personal use they often can make mistakes that can affect business. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are fairly easy to use and understand but they have a completely a different algorithm when used for business purposes. Social media has many benefits for a business but only if used well. If it isn’t, giving your company or brand a social media page could possibly do harm more than good.

Here are some very common mistakes brands make when using social media.

Mistake #1: Treating it like a personal page.

Sometimes a company likes to chime in a national issue on their company page. Unless your company is directly related to or affected by the issue do not comment no matter how tempting it may be. There are few exceptions but overall no personal thought or opinion should ever be posted to a company Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram because you never know how your audience may feel about it.

Mistake #2: Not responding to comments.

It may be time consuming or intimidating but companies that respond to customer comments or questions via social media tend to have more of a loyal following and get better reviews. It shows the audience that you care, no matter how big or small your brand may be.

Mistake #3: Posting too often or not enough.

Some people make a social media business page and think that alone is enough, absolutely not. And others post tons of content multiple times a day, unless the information is absolutely relevant and necessary, don’t do that either. Post content that is relevant and engaging, don’t over or under saturate your followers feed.

Mistake #4: Posting all the same content on social media as you do on your website.

People don’t subscribe to your social media pages just to see all the same things they see on your website. Treat your social media page like an exclusive club and reward the people that choose to follow your brand beyond website with information they won’t find on your site, sneak previews to new products, or giveaways. It will bring you more followers with in the end brings more and happier customers.

Mistake #5: Not connecting your accounts.

Most social media sites will let you connect one account to the other. For example Instagram will let you connect to your Twitter account, and vice versa, so if you post a new picture it will also post to your Twitter. Connecting accounts will save you time and customer confusion. If a customer wants to find you on multiple social media sites it just makes it so much easier. There are also social media tools, such as Hootsuite that will let you manage all your platforms in one place.

Once you know what not to do on your social media pages, creating content and managing them doesn’t seem as intimidating. Take these tips and keep them in mind before posting, it will help your business grown more than you think.



Iyana Edouard

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