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Star Two
Nov 19, 2016 · 2 min read

Are we able to talk in a dialogue or are we a society of monologue?

In my opinion the biggest struggle in the world for every individual is to be heard and acknowledged by others for what you as an individual are to this world.

And when it comes to digital environments it is these that allow us to see more and more of other humans instantly. In the globalized world the notion there is nothing unique about you anymore becomes freeing but at the same time a fearful awareness of oneself.

So the question I often ask myself is how are we going to be dealing with such diversity of voices now given the technological advances to speak out and how will we enable each of the voices the human dignity it deserves to be heard just by the fact it is a human.

Check a very thought provoking campaign from Radi Aid here:

and then also their site

An interesting point on the current state of things of our world can be also read here:

And I think in order to start making sense of the world out there I should start reading this book:

Lets read more about what others value not just what we value about ourselves.


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